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Over 40 years of Warehousing & Fufillment Excellence!

40 years

Warehouse Storage Solutions

Corropack Containers Corp. - Serving South Florida for over 40 years!

Corropack offers clients a comprehensive warehousing and shipping solution to meet business demands which scale, in the most cost effective approach possible. Our facility has over 56,000 square feet of storage space which easily accommodates over 5000 pallets to help businesses large and small meet their warehouse storage needs either on a temporary basis, or for the long term. Warehouse storage services are only one aspect of the supply chain service solutions that Corropack offers, we also specialize in offering complete fulfillment and distribution services to the South Florida area, so clients can be rest assured that their merchandise is delivered on time as needed, every time.

Inventory control is vital to a business’s success and by contracting with Corropack for warehouse storage your inventory is secured and monitored closely. Clients have full access to their inventory by utilizing our real time data inventory management systems, which can be accessed by the web 24/7.

Our fully integrated warehousing & distribution services are fully scalable and customizable to meet a business’s specific needs. We work with you to develop optimal, cost effective solutions to store your merchandise. From breaking freight, sorting, tracking, cross-docking to offering custom 3PL solutions and inventory management systems, we are your solution for any warehouse storage issue.

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