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Over 40 years of Warehousing & Fufillment Excellence!

40 years

Full Service Fulfillment Solutions: Pick, Pack & Ship Solutions

Corropack Containers Corp. – Serving South Florida for over 40 years

Corropack Containers has been helping client’s succeed in their business by offering a comprehensive approach to their warehousing, fulfillment and distribution needs. In our 40 years of experience, we understand the importance of getting your products delivered on time, accurately and as cost effectively as possible. Our pick, pack and ship process is coordinated and executed with accuracy and efficiency to make sure delivery of your goods is a timely as possible. Our pick, pack, and ship process flexible, which is important since products ordered usually vary in quantities and sizes. When picking and packing, our team has established quality control standards in place to ensure products are handled with care and accuracy.

In addition to our pick and pack services, we also offer comprehensive distribution services and warehousing solutions. Please contact our team to learn more about our fulfillment services.

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