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40 years

Retail & Promotional Packaging Design Solutions

Corropack Containers Corp. – Serving South Florida for over 40 years

Corropack offers a full range of design services to create the perfect promotional packaging for your brand. From concept to end use we are fully prepared to develop your packaging solution. Whether you’re looking for a simple brown box or a complete custom litho laminated box with picture perfect quality, Corropack can create it. Our packaging designs are as innovative, durable and unique as your products are, to ensure your success. At Corropack we believe quality product packaging is much more than just protecting the product. We believe it is important that the product packaging help your product stand out and compel customers to interact with it. We also understand packaging must meet certain specifications to keep the cost of packaging low, as well as ensuring from a logistics perspective that we maximize the number of package units for bulk storage and distribution. The Corropack team takes many steps to ensure all of the aspects of product package design are considered, evaluated and implemented.

We have created promotional packing from the fairly straightforward design to the most complex and unusual. Our suppliers include national-brand retail design studios and printers with top-quality presses. We work with you and your design team to develop and deliver the best retail packaging possible. As part of our operation we offer fulfillment and warehouse capabilities. We have enjoyed offering our clients creative packaging solutions and are ready to put our experience to work for you. Please contact us to learn more about our promotional product packaging solutions.

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